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Babylonians is one of the civilizations in BOCProject.


Initially, Babylonia was a cultural region of Akkadia in central-southern Mesopotamia, as a small state which contained the minor town of Babylon.
Babylon remained a minor town in a small state and as a small administrative town under the Akkad Empire, but greatly expanded during the reign of Hammurabi in the first half of the 18th century BC and became a major capital city. During the reign of Hammurabi and afterward, Babylonia was called "the country of Akkad" (Māt Akkadī in Akkadian), a deliberate archaism in reference to the previous glory of the Akkadian Empire.

Progression Paths[]

The Civ traits paths of Babylonians, have 3 paths and reflects the glorious days from Hammurabi, when the Military, Architecture, and Administration had developed like never before.