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Carthaginians is one of the civilizations in BOCProject.


The Carthaginians were the ancient rivals of the Romans, with Carthage being founded in 814 BC and its empire lasting until 146 BC, as the Romans finally defeated them for once and for all. Carthage had been under the control of the Phoenician state of Tyre, but gained independence around 650 BC, when it also gained control of the other Phoenician settlements in the western Mediterranean.

The Carthaginians spoke Punic, which was a Semitic language, indicating their origins in the Phoenicians, whose trading customs they continued. A great source of Carthaginian prosperity and power was its monopoly on the Atlantic trade, enforced by their impressive navy. As well as trade and language, the Carthaginian religion was also heavily derived from that of the Phoenicians, a polytheistic religion. It was also influenced by Greek, Egyptian and Etruscan divinities, but many of the gods' names, including the Phoenician divinities, had been localized by the local population under Carthaginian control.

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