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Climatic & environment simulation is one of the main features of BOCProject. A world that will change progressively as time goes by. The climate and environment simulation is absolute, your terrain bonus and features are strongly determined by climate and environment simulations,

From Ice Age to "Modern times"[]

As you progress through the game turns and progress over the timeline, tundra is gradually replaced by more tempered biomes along with the rising of the sea level, flooding tiles at a lower altitude and thus, shaping the coastline. The British Islands are a really good example; Being part of the European continent during the Ice Age, only to be separated later when all of the ice melted, creating what is known today as The English Channel.

Realistic Climate Simulation[]

In BOC, the type of terrain and the biome determine a climate that is subject to changes, the effect of climate and its change will determine a large part of the game's aspects, as the available foods and the adaptation to the environment by your civ. The exploration will be fundamental to determine in what area of the world you want to settle.

The world of BOC is divided into circles of latitude as in the real world, each location with respect to them is part of the climate simulation system.