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Historical progression or "social/cultural progresion", togeder with the Knowledge tree forms the Progression system in BOCProject. The Historical progression can reach the social/cultural victory.


In BOC, the players don´t choose a particular faction, In the beginning, the player just has a tiny nomadic tribe. According to the geography and the players' decisions make with the passage of time, this shaping the culture and identity of your people. Basically, in BOCProject the social/cultural progression is similar to the historical timeline of the civilizations in the real world, what goes from 55.000 BC to approx 500 AD.

Over the turns goes by, the players get in a passive way the different progression points according to the environment and the actions & decisions made by the player, the player can reach the Civ traits based on the different Progression points, by e.g the Egyptians New Kingdom can be required at least 1500 religion points, 1000 Grow Points and 1200 Military points, with each reached civilization the next requirements increases for incoming all.

SandBox Progression system[]

Through the player progression over the Historical timeline and over the progression points, they will have a variety of civilizations to choose, having freedom in how going through the progression paths of each civilization,

over completely entire path tree or just taking a specific trait that interests the players about the civilization.

Then, the player´s civilization will be the sum of all acquired traits.

Civilization list[]

Pre-historical and historical timeline[]

The whole historical timeline is divided into two parts, the pre-historical and the historical timelines, the historic tree starts around around 10000BC when nomadic begins to make way for farming.

pre-alpha historic timeline