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Knowledge tree or "Tech tree", togueder with the Historical progression forms the Progression system in BOCProject. The Knowledge tree can reach the tech/knowledge victory.


The pre-alpha knowledge tree has 256 nodes, divided into the respective 9 Progression points areas, the player unlocking nodes based in the progression incomings points for each turn for each area. for example, If the player gets 10 military points and 5 political per turn, their progression on military area grows 10 points and 5 in the Political are. The player progress over different areas at the same time based on incoming points of each area.

Omnidirectional tree progression system[]

The knowledge tree is a omnidirectional progression system, the player progress over different areas based on the incoming points for each one at the same time.

An concept example of Knowledge progression

A non-linear progression & semi-random trees[]

The randomness is designed to include a part of uncertainty, as, in the ancient history of humanity, did not have control about where the areas of knowledge were moving,
for each node in each horizontal row in each one area is randomized, the nodes are revealed when you acquire an adjacent tech, the max-combination possible for each row is 16 (4x4) guaranteeing 'comfortable' and reasonable low uncertainty along all path.