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Progression points are the differents units of the Progression system in BOCProject. Exist 9 different types of progression points, These can be Military points, Knowledgue points, Political points, Religion points, Naval points, Trade points, Expansion points, philosophy points, and Growth points


Over the turns goes by, the players get in a passive way the different progression points according to the geography and the decisions that they make as players, if you are focused on war often you create frequently military units and buildings, and you get in battles, so this kind of behaviour will make grow up your Military points. Usually, A unique decision can be repercussed on differents progression points, if you develop your exploration by sailing you get Expansion points and Naval points.

Actions consciously taken by the player are not the only influence on the Progression points gained, the events, together with the local and global geography, and finally, the unique playstyle of the player have repercussion on the rates at which points are gained are different every time you play.

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