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The Progression system in BOCProject is divided into two progression systems, the knowledge tree and the Historical progression system, and using the Progression points.

Historically Realistic Mechanics[]

As the turns go by, the players passively gain the different progression points according to their chosen geography and decisions. In BOC, the players don´t choose a particular faction, In the beginning, the player just has a tiny nomadic tribe, This tribe are not Romans, nor Carthaginians, nor Persians nor Greeks, but depending on how you run them over the millennia.

An example of how a culture can vary according to your decisions in BOC, a culture little developed in arts and science, but highly effective in war, could seize some dying but glorious empire. By doing so, it can assimilate some of its cultural attributes, and transform itself into a new culture, a mixture of both. Consider, for example, the first Islamic peoples seizing the remains of the Sassanid Empire in the seventh century, or the Germanic peoples mixing with the Romans from the fifth century in Europe. Of course, in honour of the sandbox spirit that we want to offer, it is important to indicate that access to cultures will not strictly depend on the historical period in which they emerged

Set up traits at Start[]

At the beginning, you can set up some traits about your nomad tribe, like the Initial place (this brings initial biome bonus) or the human race (Like Denisovan).