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The worlds of BOCproject include a large list of Resources.

some resources in BOC


You can find Resources in the world map through exploration, but all of the natural resources are finite, which means that each kind of resource will end up running out through overexploitation. A good example is the Mammoths, which provide the players with a good source of food as a hunting resource, but over the millennia, they will end up going extinct.


In-game, One of the main forms to obtain Food source is through hunting (especially at the beginning). Some great food sources like Mammoths or Mastodon could harm your hunters for each turn that you exploit them, potentially killing your entire unit completely. The hunting resources can be regenerated over turns. For example, if a hunting or fishing population is very low, the player can choose to stop the exploitation to let them grow them again.


In BOCProject the buildings have some material requirements, like Wood or Stone, the most common resources.


Some materials like Ceramics or Cement are obtained through Crafting from other resources.


  • Mammoths, as a hunting resource.
  • Mastodon, as a hunting resource.
  • bison, as a hunting resource.
  • Deers, as a hunting resource.
  • Fishing, as a fishing resource.
  • Whales, as a fishing resource.
  • Seals, as a fishing resource.
  • Crabs, as a fishing resource.
  • Wood, as a building resource.
  • Stone, as a building resource.
  • Marble, as a building resource.
  • sand, as a Crafting resource.
  • clay, as a Crafting and building resource.
  • Iron, as a building resource.
  • copper, as a Crafting resource.
  • bronze, as a Crafting resource.
  • Silver, as a building and Rich resource.
  • Gold, as a building and Rich resource.
  • dye, as a luxury resource.
  • spices, as a luxury resource.
  • Ivory, as a luxury resource.
  • Oil, as a luxury resource.
  • Silk, as a luxury resource.
  • ceramics, as a Crafting and luxury resource.
  • precious stones, as a luxury resource.
  • cement, as a Crafting and building resource.