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Roman Empire is one of the civilizations in BOCProject.


The Roman Empire was the successor state of the Roman Republic, although the development from the two Roman states was more gradual. Roman culture itself continued developing in much the same way, as Romans adopted the customs and gods of conquered peoples, with the conquered peoples accepting Roman culture in turn. The pinnacle of Roman conquests was seen to be the conquest of the province of Britannia, which had been considered as a semi-mythical land, inhabited by strange and hostile barbarians, most notably, of course, Boudicca, who terrified Roman poets such as Tacitus.

Emperor Trajan brought the Empire to its greatest extent in 117 AD, holding territory all the way from the cold, miserable province of Britannia to the Asian province of Babylonia. The extent and longevity of the Empire established a legacy unparalleled by any empire in the Western World, with the prestigious title of Emperor being coveted by many western rulers after the fall of the Western Empire. In BoC, Imperial Rome can develop into the Eastern and Western Roman civilisations, reflecting the administrative and cultural changes that the Empire underwent as it grew larger and more complex.

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