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Roman Republic is one of the civilizations in BOCProject.


The Roman Republic was birthed from the overthrow of Rex Tarquinius (traditionally dated to 509 BC), with the Senate ruling in place of a tyrant. Kingship became associated with the tyrannical rule, and the ruling class asserted its control through the Senate with the pretence of acting on behalf of the people, although effectively the Senate kept the power in the hands of the aristocracy. During the period of the Republic, Roman expansion truly began, with notable victories, such as the defeat of the Etruscans in the earlier centuries, and eventually complete control of the Italian peninsula.

By the end of the Republic's era, its territories stretched from Hispania to the Levant, bringing many peoples, lands and cultures under Roman control. This led to prosperity in the empire from trade, as well as cultural enrichment from the various influences from the provinces, just as Roman culture was spread far and wide in turn. However, the Republican regime was unsustainable, and in its later years, it was crippled with corruption and political in-fighting. As a result, the government broke down in Rome, and eventually, a monarchy was re-established, starting off as a single Consul who would later become the Emperor.

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