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Roman Western Empire is one of the civilizations in BOCProject.


The Roman Western Empire was first introduced as a concept in the 3rd century AD, as it began to be recognised that the Empire simply couldn't be governed by a single Emperor. The territory under control of the Western Empire was all Roman provinces east of Greece, with the provinces of Gaul, Hispania, Britannia and the Italian heartlands of the Empire.

Some Emperors continued to rule the Empire as one unit, such as Constantine the Great, who legalised Christianity, which had a momentous impact on the identity of the Empire. The Western Roman Empire eventually fell in 476 AD as a result of barbarian invasions and political in-fighting, marking the end of Roman power in the West until the temporary resurgence of the Empire under later Eastern Emperors. The Roman legacy was far from over, however, as the Roman culture had a great impact on Western European identity. Romance languages and Christianity gave many Western Europeans a common identity even after the end of rule from Rome, and to this day, the Roman identity forms the base of much of Western European culture.

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